Game rules

Please, study BQuest rules!

1) When registering for participation in the game, please give your real Full Name and phone numbers to participate the game!

2) Completing the quest, remember that it is just a game, please, don’t destroy anything in the room or take things out after finishing the quest. If you break something, the game will automatically be over for you and you will have to compensate for the damage if completing the quest is impossible for other players due to your actions.

3) Our operators watch your game and if you need a hint just ask them.

4) After opening a door or lock, leave the key in keyholes. One key – one lock.

5) Photo shooting is strictly prohibited; don’t take inside food, alcoholic drinks, screw-drivers/picklocks/bolt cutters and any sharp objects, guns and drugs.

6) People under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as people under 14 years old unaccompanied by an adult are not allowed to participate in the quest.

7) You may stop the game at any moment for any reason. The money cannot be returned.

8) Arrive 5-10 minutes before the beginning of the game. If you are late, the time of your game may be reduced to prevent other players waiting until you complete the quest.

It is strictly prohibited to:
– Break furniture, walls, doors and any other objects in the rooms.
– BQuest is an intellectual game, use your mind and logic, not physical strength
– Take elements of decorations out the.

In case of a violation of a rule or several rules, the operator HAS THE RIGHT to stop the game at any moment without any refund.

Enjoy the game!

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