Real time quests are computer games that have appeared in the 90s and have been existing ever since over virtual world frames. The main idea behind the “Escape the room” genre is for a player to try to get out only using the objects that are presented in the given room, combating them and solving the quizzes.

BQuest is most importantly the story of your experience, as well as an awesome opportunity to challenge yourself in something new and to overcome regular barriers of thinking. The first real life quests were invented by script writers from Kyoto in 2007. Today different games are located in more then 60 countries, while Pekin (China) and Budapest (Hungry) hosting the biggest amount of quests and having more then 100 rooms each.

But let’s get a closer look on what awaits you in our rooms.

In our games you will have to find the exit from the real life room and complete all the missions that you will be facing during your escape; to accomplish this you are allowed to use everything that you see around yourself or stuff that you will be obtaining during the game itself by combining, disconnecting or connecting various game elements, but keep in mind that breaking things is not allowed and against the rules, you will be reminded about this before the game starts. Your team will be locked in a certain room for an hour. If one hour is not enough time for your team to solve all the puzzles the door will be opened anyway but in this case do not expect any cool presents and your photos to be in the winners gallery.

On the web page of every quest you’ll find a short game description, all the age limits, a difficulty level and a quest schedule.

We already have mentioned in the beginning that the most important thing for us is your experience. We have been thinking about your impressions and experiences ever since we have started the process of creating our quest rooms: developing ideas, writing scenarios and even choosing the colors of the walls. During this process our main intention was to fully understand what you would be experiencing while solving the puzzles, after the doors have been closed after you, and most importantly what you will be feeling after the doors are opened once again.

We are trying our best to make your experience bright and positive and time that you would spend playing our game unforgettable!

We are delighted to welcome you to our quest!